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Create, develop and register a University



CR is a specialist advisor when it comes to create and register new Teaching Institutions and draft pregraduate or postgraduate study programs.

The process of creating and registering new Higher Education Institutions or upgrading exising teaching organizations to a 'University' can be complex and hardworking. It includes meticulous preliminary activities and several administrative stages. At CR & Asociados we know them by heart, as we know too every possible variation it may adopt in the various Latin American countries.

The task we assume includes all preliminary and follow-up activities related to the creation, registration and legalization of institutional projects to be submitted to the series of state-based Departments that standardize and authorize the academic activity in each Latin American country. This work includes

  1. Identification of educational demands and market studies.

  2. Drafting and wrap-up of an institutional project: design of an academic offer and an economic and financial analysis of profitability, as well as its fitting within each country's legal framework

  3. In the case of existing institutions and/or Universities: creation of new degrees. analysis of similar study programs, existing offer surveys and possibilites for an improved proposal.

  4. Submission of the project to pertinent state-based control and registration Departments.Customized follow-up of the new instrument's development and training to teaching staff and personnel.


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