Educational Quality



CR & ASOCIADOS spreads out a bundle of preliminary activities, evaluation and implementation of a series of improvements with both eyes set on optimizing the University's internal quality protocols.

What is it that we do? We help improving the Quality Standards of your Institution. We develop internal evaluation protocols, we do off-site and in-site audit to help your Organization or University become more efficient.


At CR & Asociados we use the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Excellence Model. We consider it to be a very adequate and fitting tool that can perfectly adjust the Latin American University and its needs. To do so, we count with the recognition of the Instituto de Técnicas Educativas, belonging to the Confederación Española de Centros de Enseñanza (Madrid, Spain). This Excellence Model can later be tested and subjected to the evaluation and certification of the European Foundation for Quality Management mentioned before.

This methodology can be applied to any Educational Institutions that requires so (from a Primary School to a University or Postgraduate Center). It can be applied to comprehensively or partially, to a specific teaching, research or administrative area.

At CR & Asociados we particularly focus on: University Evalluation: There is a world trend in terms of reaching a certain consensus on the quality recognition of Higher Education Institutions, and Latin America is not an exception to such trend. Quality Certification by external public and/or private organizations has now become standard producedure throughout the Continent. To this extent,  CR & ASOCIADOS has developed two major lines of work:

Institutional Evaluation: It comprehends all preliminary, training and adaptation activities prior to the institutional evaluation undertaken by National or foreign agencies of Quality Assurance for Higher Education. Consultancy includes assistance to create QualityAssessment Units within the University's own organization chart.Degree Evaluation: CR & ASOCIADOS has a group of leading evaluators that work side by side with the University's academic authorities in the early stages prior to submitting any study program (pregraduate and/or postgraduate) to be assessed by a Universitary evaluation agency.


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