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Institutional reinforcement



We have gained a great experience in helping you optimize, strenghten and objectively improve the academic and administratrive management of your institution. It implies a more efficient use of resources and procedures.
It's possible.


Institutional strenghtening and University reinforcement does not only implies —although it does certainly includes— gaining a better positioning for the University, a higher ranking and presence in social media. It also means better access to national, regional and international lines of funding and an internal optimization inside your own organization .

CR & Asociados can provide the following services:

1. Institutional Diagnosis: It will help you detect and define the profile, pros, cons, virtues and weaknesses of your University. Where is it located? What is its connection and bonds with the community? How can their students be defined? What is your target? Analysis of this nature, multidisciplinary by definition, will contribute to a better understanding of the institution.
2. Selection of Human Resources: CR & Asociados specializes in providing you with the specific human reources that fit your needs. Teaching staff, managerials and/or personnel based on whatever profile has been identified as required.
3. Creation and update of new Study Programs. We take care of identifying new potential educational needs. Our team takes care of the curricular design and wraping up the study plans.
4. Desarrollo de alianzas estratégicas: abarca todas las acciones de mejora de las relaciones de la institución con la comunidad (sector público, empresas, sociedad civil) y la realización de actividades educativas conjuntas con otras instituciones educativas.
5. Training of personnel: We provide consultancy on personnel training and also training itself: This can be carried out under a variety of forms: workshops, intensive seminars, etc., on the different subjects related to the modern management of educational organization.