Refundable University Funding Sources


CR specializes in finding just the perfect funding source for your University, whether you have expansion ideas, infrastructure plans or any other.

This is how we can help you and the Institution you represent. We create and write up Business Plans and Application for Funding Forms aimed to expand, modernize and/or equip Universities and Higher Education Institutions in Latin America. We also deal with designing proposals to request the funding of new Institutional Tuition and Credit programs for pregraduate and postgraduate students.

CR works mainly with the most important development banking and financial institutions that provide assistance to the Private Sector. The Inter-American Investment Corporation, the International Financial Corporation and wide variety of investors and investment funds whose eyes are set in Latin America's Higher Education System.

These services that we provide might be of help to you:

  1. Feasibility Studies: Drafts, preliminary projects, analysis and evaluation of strategic plans, social demand studies, economic and financial surveys, analysis of sustainability, etc.

  2. Project Design: Formulation, draft and design of the financial engineering needed for the project. Budget planning, simulation models and contingencies.

If your University or Higher Education Institution has infrastructure, academic expansion or any other type of project pending approval or evaluation, please contact us. There is a wide vafriety of funding possibilities for you. ¿Are you familiar with the EDUCFINANCE Seminars?

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