Non Refundable University Funding Sources


We can guide you and assist you looking for Corporate, in-kind contributions or money-based cash funds for infrastructure, academic expansion, scholarship programs or any other.
We know where to look.

CR & Asociados can provide you with comprehensive assistance oriented to obtain resources from non-refundable international, regional and national funding sources. Of what kind?

Local Fundraising: We provide assistance in the development of fundraising campaigns (annual, capital campaigns, specific campaigns) through the set up of a series of instruments aimed to such extent (Graduate Associations, Board of Trustees, Patronage, Advisory Council, etc.) working along with collectives linked to the University in a specific way (as mentioned before, graduates, but also sponsors, institutions of different kind, local, regional and national governments). We focus our work in mapping all the University's institutional network of relations, the skilful training of its human resources and the ellaboration of marketing strategies.

International Fundraising: CR & Asociados has a vast trajectory in drafting strategic plans to gather financial resources globally. We have a constantly updated portfolio of potential donors and accompany the University throughout this process, coming up with a consistent project and following it up during after it has been submitted and all along the evaluation process. We count with our own network of contacts within the main donor organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Donation of equipment and goods: CR & Asociados deals with identifying, selecting and managing the donation of equipment, medicines, supplies and state-of-the-art tools for laboratories, University hospitals and research centers and institutes. o

Creation and back-up of Fundraising Units: We provide assistance to the set-up of a Fundraising Unit within the University Organization Chart. We follow it up as a part of a necessary part of a major Strategic Fundraising Plan and we provide definite support at each stage of this development.

Production of papers, documents and surveys: The fundraising issue, particularly when it comes to Education and more over this is so for Latin America counts with little or scarce bibliography available. Periodically, CR digitally edits a series of documents and reports on different aspects related the funding management for Universities and Higher Education institutions. We annually  publish the List of Successful Fundraising Cases in Latin America and the Caribbean, in which the main beneficiaries, donors are described, as well as the typology of funded projects.

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