Cooperation Development



CR & Asociados has over twenty years of experience in providing Universities and their NGOs with technical assistance and consultancy in the fields of International Cooperation, Social Intervention and Sustainable Development.


Is your University involved in social projects in or with the commuynity where it is located? Does your University's NGO do field work? You can partner with other leading NGOs in your country abroad to get funding for your social work. You can apply for international grants. If you need to come up with a written proposal to be submitted to a particular potential donor (or your University already has a project thats needs to be looked over)  CR has a vast experience and a renowned soundness when providing Universities or Higher Education Institutions and their NGOs or Social Research Groups with professional consulting in every stage of the so-called Project Cycle (Identification of needs and problems; document creation, planning, execution and evaluation) in the areas of Education, Health, Institutional Strenghtening and Development of local and/or regional SMEs. CR acts based on a participatory approach taking into consideration all agents involved (governments, financial organizations, private institutions, NGOs and local communities) starting from a wide concept of Human Development and seeking to improve the life conditions of the beneficiaries. We can certainly help you with the following:

Feasibility and Viability Studies: Preliminary projects and surveys. Analysis and evaluation of Strategic Plans, social demand and economic & financial  studies, sustainability and feasibility.

Design and Project Wrap Up: Draft of activity planning, infrastructure and/or equipment studies and funding research.

Training of all Human Resources involved in the Project: Design of programs, procedures, protocols, brochures and didactic material.