Setting up a University abroad



If your University is planning to expand beyond its borders and open new subsidiaries or twinned institutions; or if you are looking to create a new University abroad from zero, we do have the know-how.

In CR & Asociados we are familiar with the Education Systems of Latin America, the US and Europe, their similarities, differences, procedures and varieties. Their pros and cons. We are aware of their requirements and processes needed to create, establish or expand a University in a foreign country.

We provide consultancy services regarding all the administrative, external and internal stages that play a role in the process of registration, validation and legalization of a University or a Higher Education Institution. We know the steps that need to be taken to such extent in Latin America (with its varieties), the different realities of each State of the US and in the European Union. We count with a series of specialists and external field consultants in each of these locations to help you through this process. Please contact us and tell us your plans