Student Acquisition campaigns and Help Desk.



The key to University Marketing is a good online strategy. Plus a highly qualified team ready to answer any question about your academic offer. We do it for you.

Student Acquisition campaigns: CR offers call-center services (outbound and inbound calls) and email maketing aimed to prospect customers potentially interested in your academic offer. Thanks to our state-of-the-art IP &  VoIP phone system, potential students can be reached or be located anywhere. We suit your needs. Communication and follow-up is made following a strict QA protocol with the objective of maximizing student registration. Information on potential prospects can come from either:

  • A database of people and/or reference groups provided by the University or institution.

  • A series of leads, result of web positioning campaigns and social media responses. CR has a Marketing Team that can take care of such campaigns for your center or institution

Consultancy services and prospect students follow-up: CR provides assessment and support to prospect and registered students in every aspect related to the degree or course of their choice (its contents, teaching staff and methodology), certification, competences, information regarding the university and the educational system of the country where it is located and every other insight that might be of use for the student in order to satisfy its requests, answer its questions and fullfil any doubts in an agile, effective and friendly matter, following stricts protocols of behaviour and keeping high QA standards. We count with a higjly qualified team of professionals in Education and a very specific training on its varieties in Latin American, the US and Europe.

c) Student call-center service: We provide call-center and help desk services to regular, registered students, giving them all the assistance they need during the different stages of their degrees or anything the University or Teaching Center specifically requires.



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