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Mergers & Acquisitions




As a result of our vast experience in the Private Higher Education Sector in Latin America we began to work intensively with the sale, merging and acquisition of teaching institutions throughout the continent. Our natural and fluent bonds with the private funding sector —venture funds; investments, multinational, education-focused corporations and owners, directors and executive boards from universities all over the world has allowed us to make the most accurate valuations, seek for the best investors and help university founders transfer their shares or the shareholders’ participation to new interested parties or investment funds. In the last 5 years, CR has successfully participated in a large series of University merging and acquisition operations in Latin America.



  1. Extensive and Comprehensive search for potential buyers and university-focused investors

  2. Research of Investment opportunities in the field of Higher Education

  3. Advice to University Founder or Founders in the process of transferring your domain and ownership