Miami, FL. Nov. 8th and 9th



Latin American Private Higher Education faces the challenge of its own expansion and growth. EDUCFINANCE is the most important event on University Funding in Latin America. Held by CR & Asociados.

screenshot of  EDUCFINANCE 2018 website  [in Spanish and Portuguese only]

screenshot of EDUCFINANCE 2018 website [in Spanish and Portuguese only]

Over the last years, the context of Private Higher Education in Latin America has experienced some significant changes. On the one hand, a notorious increase of students as a consequence of the Region's economic growth and the subsequent inclusion of new social actors to the universitary system. On the other hand, the diversity and new methodologies adopted by new teaching methods has allow the market to expand itself and respond to fresh new needs in terms of flexibility (i.e. distant and online learning). It must also be taken under consideration the fact that the rise of new international university business groups have, by means of alliances, fusions and acquisitions, been able to generate a new scene of competitiveness in the region..  

Projections for Latin America still point out to an increasing demand for Higher Education studies. Thus, Universities and Higher Education Institutions face the challenge of expanding their academic offer yet retaining and not losing quality.  Another challenge: a greater social commitment by means of a series of scholarships and grant programs to the help the most vulnerable sector of its societies and yet sustain or increase teaching and research. At the same time, multilateral financial organizations and the private banking sector have set their eyes on Latin American higher education institutions as potential subjects of credit and development loans, offering a series of funding tools that may be able to contribute to their expansion and strenghtening.

EDUCFINANCE INTERNATIONAL SEMINARS have set up to analyze and discuss these issues, highlighting the different funding alternatives that banks and national, regional and international credit institutions have to offer. The Seminars also include a series of individual one.-to-one meetings between participant banking institutions and universities..